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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Money saving apps

1. Ibotta
      With this app you participate in tasks and earn money when you confirmed you've bought a participating product. You also get $10 just for signing up. (if you sign up from the link you and I get a bonus!)

2. Receipt Hog  (if you sign up from the link you and I get a bonus!)
      In this app you just take a picture of any grocery store receipt and then you'll receive points for how much you spent in each receipt. The points can be redeemed for $5 gift cards to or $5 into a paypal account. They're planning on expanding this to restaurants and gas purchases, but for right now it's just for groceries and other places that sell things that you would get at grocery stores (i.e. convenience stores or target/walmart)

3. Grocery IQ
     With this app you make a grocery list and the app lets you know of any coupons available for the items on your list. then you can either print them from a wifi enabled printer or you can receive them as an e-mail to print out. Note: Making a list before grocery shopping is a great way to stay in your budget and this app helps you do that. 

4. Cellfire 
    This is the best for the spontaneous shopper. you register your store savings cards and your cell phone number. Then, when you use your card or phone number relevant coupons are automatically redeemed. You can also download coupons to your phone or print out coupons the old fashioned way. 

5. Cartwheel 
     This is a T

arget specific app, but you can select offers that you would like to use and then the cashier just scans one coupon and the savings are applied to your order. Pretty darn awesome.

Edit: We also paid off another credit card! We're working on paying off my engagement/wedding ring now.

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  1. What do the Receipt Hog rewards points do?

    1. they earn you gift cards or cash into your paypal account