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Monday, September 23, 2013

Cut up the cards!

Ladies and gentlemen... -drumroll- I cut up my cards!

Sorry to disappoint, but I didn't do anything funny or awesome, just cut them up and put them in the trash.

However, this is a very important and very hard step in the debt-free process. You have to:
1) have your emergency fund of $1000 so you don't need the credit card for emergencies.
2) Believe in your emergency fund
3) Remember that normal is broke. So you'll probably see comments on this post saying that I should keep one card open so that I can buy a house with a mortgage or I'll need a credit score to get a job, but really, you need a credit score if you want to keep using credit. The use of credit is your choice, but if you're not wanting to use credit anymore your FICO doesn't matter. Eric and I even intend to pay cash for a house, so, bye bye FICO.

If you want to have some fun cutting up cards, go for it! Have a get together where everyone cuts up their cards, run them over with your car, shoot them, blow them up, the sky's the limit. An important key to getting out of debt is to stop using debt as quickly as you can. I know everyone has their own personal situation and there's a HUGE paradigm shift you have to go through to be able to take that step to say you'll never use debt again.

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