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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Check your credit report

Hey blogosphere of mine,

 Thanks for the awesome support that I got from a lot of you today... er yesterday, overnights are messing with my concept of time. I had a quite upsetting moment when Eric and I had an unexpected bill on our credit report. However, we cleared it up and are working to stop future problems through a couple of different things.

Number one lesson from this.  Check your credit report. You can check from all three crediting bureaus once a year at this link here. Do it, and then mark on your calendar when to redo it. Even if you're not using debt or credit cards anymore it affects your renting ability, your insurance premiums (having too many accounts open raises your premium) and your security clearance if you're in the military or work some other government job. All of the things on your credit report stay on there for 7 years after the last activity, i.e. whenever you close the account.

Thanks guys for your help and support,

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