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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The best ways to keep up the work of becoming debt free

    So if you've started the process of working towards financial freedom, you probably know that it's really hard and it takes a long time. So here are some ways to keep it up.

1) Surround yourself with people who are on board with you.
      Whether you have someone who is getting out of debt with you or you know someone who loves to find deals, find people who you can share your joy and hard work with. For married couples, this is where you have an advantage. I remember being really tired after working all day and my husband texted me "but think about how awesome this will be when we have no debt" Along with this, I have several friends that are asking me for tips and help doing this as well, which definitely boosts my self-esteem and my confidence about being on the right track. I've also started a Facebook group to do this.

Thanks hubby
2)  Remind yourself that there aren't any quick fixes
      It took you a while to accumulate the mess you're in, so it will take you a while to get out of it. For me, it took about 4 years to accumulate the debt we have and it's going to take us 2-2.5 years to pay it off, so really for us we'll take shorter amount of time to pay it off than we received the things we're in debt for. That really gets me through each week.

3) Do something relaxing
      Even if you work 100 hours a week (I don't recommend it) do something to unwind from work. My husband and I play video games to unwind from work. Some people run, some people do yoga. Take some time to take care of yourself
4) Have a goal
      Whether it's paying cash for a home or going back to school debt-free, have a goal in mind that you will achieve after paying off your debts. This will keep you gazelle intense.
5) Watch Debt-Free screams
     When you hear about person after person talking about their story, how long it took them, and how much they've paid off, you know that there's no reason you can't become debt-free too

6) Write a blog
       Writing a blog about your journey makes it easier to keep going. It also motivates me to think of different ways that I can save money (and you can make a little bit of money doing it too).

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