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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Complete guide to money FOR FREE

So maybe you've been wondering who this Dave Ramsey fellow I've been talking about is. Or maybe not. However, if you have been wondering how to get started on your own debt free journey or how you can learn more about the Dave Ramsey plan I have great news for you...

The complete guide to money is now free. This book is pretty much financial peace university in book form. I loved it, it outlines the best practices to win with money. Now, this is not a cult or anythig so you don't have to follow exactly all of the minutiae but I think the general principles of being content, getting rid of debt, and saving money can work for most, if not all, people. At the very least you can learn how terrible title loans and pay day lenders are. (If you don't know me in person I'll let you know I could rant about those for days)  so just click the link below and you can get the complete guide to money for the best price: free

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