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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My favorite way to save: The bread outlet!

Eric and I  have decided to try and meal plan for a month and only go to the grocery store once in that entire month, I'll blog more on that later. However, since we ran out of bread today we went to pick up 6 weeks' worth of bread. Which brought us to my favorite place in Des Moines....

The bread outlet! This place is FANTASTIC. We got 7 loaves of bread, 2 packages of hamburger buns and a 32 oz. jar of jelly for $9.50!! For the frugal shopper, this is what dreams are made of. Even if one's not in your neighborhood (sorry, Ames readers) if you're able to freeze the bread and make it last one or two months it's still worth the trek. Since Eric and I make sandwiches for most of our lunches we love the bread outlet.

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