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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eric Posting: Mega Dane vs Micro Puppy

As Bevin mentioned in the previous post, we finally have come up with a concept for our comic. Many thanks to those at our engagement party who were enamored with the size of a great dane, and the comparative size of a chihuahua that showed up later.
As the title suggests the comic will be Mega Dane vs Micro Puppy. I did some initial sketches to try to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with the concept. I simply drew a great dane super-sized compared to it's surroundings, which seems like a great idea, but thinking about possible story concepts, I think we would have run into a lot of issues.
I worked and considered what else would make something mega. How could Mega Dane be mega and yet be enveloped into the story in better form. That's when it hit me. Mega Dane isn't super-sized, his finances are super-sized. He's a mega billionaire. From there, I created another concept sketch. I've scanned it in to give those viewers possibly waiting on the edges of their seats for substance, a chance to look into our creative process as we go. I do plan to have a better rendered version later on as I get more time to work on it. For now, here is the concept:

I will also have a concept for micro puppy coming hopefully within the next few days, as time permits me to work on the concept ideas.

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